Our team

Thomas Sicre


Thomas first discovered animation in 2013 working as a production assistant on “Ooops ! Noah is Gone…”, at Fabrique d’Images.

After working for film festivals including Annecy, he came back to animation production, working as Production Manager on several TV series and feature films in 3D and 2D animation.

Specializing in management, data analysis and tracking, he shares his working time between working as production manager and freelancing as production consultant.

Julien Silvestre

Pipeline and FX

After he graduated in 2010 from ESTEI, Julien started to work in the Angouleme-based studio Antefilms on documentaries and feature films.

He then continued to work in few other French studios before moving to Luxembourg in 2013. After this, he worked as Associate Technical Director at o2o Studio Saint Malo from 2019 and then Technicolor since 2022. Since then, he has been working on various short films, TV series and feature films as Technical Director, FX Supervisor, or even as R&D software developer.

Guillaume Vialaneix

CG Supervision

Guillaume began as a CG generalist artist at Luxanimation studio in 2008. Along the way, he has learned to wear many hats – he has worked as a Production Manager for TV series “Percy’s Tiger Tales “(2014) and Lead Modeling on “Ooops ! Noah is Gone…”(2015).

After this, he’s been working as CG Supervisor on several feature films, emphasizing on handling the character and environment departments, and anticipating production issues at early stages of preproduction.